Not only is Pinksick & Company a new and awesome Wearable Art Brand and fashion provider we are also impactful with our creative ideas across many mediums and media! From Fashion and Design to the the Contemporary and Pop Arts we like to have our own voices echoed and embraced visually. 

Spearheaded by Grammy and MTV Award winning artist, Shah Wonders, Pinksick & Co. creative team cross pollinates contemporary, fine, abstract and street savvy art with Wonders' signature twist of Japanese "manga/anime" sensibilities into a unique niche in the T-Shirt, Fashion and apparel worlds.

Our conflux of taste-makers and imagination juggernauts spin nothing but creative gold and our oath to impeccable excellence is unparalleled. With a highly diverse celebrity and brand client list we have been blessed to rock with the best! Now we taking our show on the road with this new T-Shirt Brand and truly make something special.

In essence our goal is simple, to constantly recreate the "God Particle of Creation" and create new universes and all things beautiful to fill in the current voids and gaps of visual depreciation. Through fashion and the sheer ability to believe in our product we will go above and beyond the call of duty to create visual miracles that will enchant and inspire all.

Thank You for supporting and joining us,

Shah Wonders

Pinksick & Company,  We Do Genius Better.

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